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Matthew Allwright does what his dog tells him | Sport Relief’s Top Dog

Matthew Allwright does what his dog tells him | Sport Relief’s Top Dog

Matthew Allwright does what his dog tells him | Sport Relief’s Top Dog
Find out more: Check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip of Sport Relief’s Top Dog – episode eight. You can watch the show on BBC… From:
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I promise I’ll still paint!


The Contest

Unexpected events have taken me away from the blogosphere as of late. These events, combined with the lack of enthusiastic response to my contest caused me to be lazy, and put no effort in for a bit too long.

However, I still have the ideas that these folks submitted, and many were intriguing, so I’m going to paint them, it just might take me a bit of time. The interesting thing is, since there were only four fellow bloggers who submitted ideas, everyone will get at least one of their ideas painted and dedicated to them, and they will hopefully share with their followers, thus gaining this blog a few more readers becoming overnight celebrities.

I have another promise for you, too!

This website has been home to a few failed experiments (here and here and here). My promise to you all is that there WILL BE MORE, plenty more, failed experiments here. It’s all about trying everything to see what works. And there is never really a “failure” – you get some kind of answer, some new knowledge no matter what. And that’s always a success.

This sentence is a distraction in case that last sentence was too sappy, too sentimental, and way too self-helpy.

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Daily Prompt. Not so sweet dreams. (are made of this) most vivid dream I have ever had:

I woke up in room that I didn’t recognize and there was a small remote controlled toy truck on my floor. It was a dark blue SUV. I reached down to pick it up but before I could grab it the scene changed and I was standing on a platform high in the sky, all I could see were gray clouds, and two escalators. One went up to a Boeing 747 that appeared to be hovering, waiting for passengers. One went down into even darker gray clouds.

There were other people on the platform, making decisions about going up or down. I don’t remember making the decision. Maybe it was my fear of heights, and the frightening thought of going even further up with nothing underneath me, but I simply found myself on the escalator going down into the gray.

I stepped off the escalator onto the dirt ground of an open carnival. People were walking around playing games. I saw rides in the background, people standing in line for food, it was a normal outdoor fair style event. Normal except for the man in the game booth. Black suit, red tie, top hat. He looked like he was running a game, but I saw him doing the linking rings as I have seen many other magicians do. The rings changed from silver to gold to red and yellow plastic, and back again. This I had never seen, and could not explain.

The man vanished from his booth in a puff of smoke, truly, a puff of smoke. He appeared again standing at my side with his hand on my shoulder. He leaned over and whispered, “There’s something I need to show you.” I could feel his hot breath in my ear.

We turned and we were walking down a hill towards a lake. The hill seemed to be just dirt, dead grass, and dead tree roots. The lake looked normal, but a couple of hundred yards off the shore line there was an island. We stopped walking halfway down the hill, and the man in the top hat handed me a pair of binoculars and pointed towards the island.

I looked through the lenses at the island and I saw people, all dressed in gray hospital scrubs. It was a large playground, and the people, who all looked to be adults, were using the swingsets and all of the other playground equipment. But it was obvious to me that nobody was having fun. They were going through the motions. Their eyes and mouths were all sewn closed, with very large, thick stitching. And they just swung and swung.

The man in black put his arm around me again, turned us around and we started walking back up the hill. I saw, waiting, at the top, his dark blue SUV. When we arrived at the vehicle, he got in, and indicated for me to climb in the passenger door. I reached to grab the door and get in, but I woke up before I touched the door.

I have tried to analyze this dream, and the reason that I remember it so clearly, but I have come to no conclusions. At least, no conclusions that I would ever want to speak out loud.

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The flip flop of modern technology


I haven’t had too much experience with high definition TV. But when I do get to experience the “wonder” it leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. HD makes every movie I grew up with look like a low budget sitcom.

For instance, I am right now watching The Rock, 1996 (Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery) and the video kind of reminds me of an episode of Three’s Company. It’s like the technology removes the old filters that make a movie look like a movie.

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The things I do for attention.

1604438_642852549116085_1011404983_nSeriously, standing behind a keyboard rockin’ and jammin’ and singing all night long, you’d think I’d get enough attention just being on stage, without having to kiss a duck, right?

But I kissed a duck.

And I hadn’t even had my Jack chased by Yuengling yet.

That hat was a gift from Janelle. This was last Saturday somewhere in New York State, and it was like 40 degrees BELOW ZERO (that’s windchill, not actual. It was like -10 and the wind was blowing hard.) The hat kept me warm all night long. Although the Jack probably helped.

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My song, River City Lights. Plus, you can’t ever go back.

Yes, these are THOSE city lights. Yes, this is THAT river.

Yes, these are THOSE city lights. Yes, this is THAT river.

I’m about to go into the studio and do this song properly, with a real drummer and background vocalists, and a much, much better keyboard with a Wurlitzer sound that will knock your socks off. Well, it knocked my socks off. Not literally. I’m still wearing socks when I play the keyboard. Usually. Sometimes not though.

Anyway, I’m not apologizing at all in the last paragraph. I’m pretty damn proud of this recording. But now that I have a better keyboard, and a better voice (since I quit smoking in December 2013) I thought I’d take it to the next level and make it salable.

This song has a unique story – I started writing it in October, 2010 (“still walk these streets in this warm October sky”). At the time I lived in Louisville, KY (river city, the highlands) . I moved back to Erie, PA in February 2011 and finished the song and recorded it. During the time I was finishing the song up, I was really missing Louisville and longing to go back, but there was another feeling inside keeping me from making that happen.

That other feeling became quite clearly defined for me as I was reading the book AND THEN LIKE MY DREAMS by Margaret Rose Stringer. She didn’t word it quite this way, but I will: That feeling of wishing that you could go back, that powerful nostalgia of a time remembered, is usually a lie. If you ever did go back, you still wouldn’t ever get “that feeling you were looking for”. All you would do is go back and wonder why you don’t feel the same way you did the last time. Sometimes you just can’t go back.

I knew this was true. I have done it before. I lived in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and moved from there to Elizabethtown, Kentucky (E-town, the one in the movie.) Once I got to E-town, all I wanted to do was get back to Jeffersonville. I worked 9 hard months to get there. Once I was back, I was depressed and disappointed that I didn’t feel the happiness that I imagined I had the last time I lived there.

Moving along: Once I came back to Erie and wanted to go back to Louisville, I realized that it just wouldn’t be the same, and I recalled all the reasons I left, and they were still valid, real, and powerful. I couldn’t go back, and I didn’t want to. As I finished the song, you will hear this expressed in the fourth verse (or, if you will, the second half of the second verse):

I take a walk along the riverside
Waves of thought drift through my mind
And the power of this undefinable desire
steals my will
and leaves everything behind but those

City lights, oh those magic nights
Reflections on the river calling out to me:
‘Don’t forget and never go away
fill me with life and memory’


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I need inspiration : You need to win a contest!

BeFunky_Scan 4I need painting ideas, you need to have original art dedicated to you.
I need to expand my horizons, you need something unique on your blog.
I need to practice new things, you need the satisfaction that this came about because of you.
Get the picture? (Hah!)


Ok. I have several prepared paintings ready for a picture to be painted on them. I painted the backgrounds, and I am ready to start painting. But my skill and idea pool are both very limited. So I am turning to you, reader, to give me ideas.

1. Background 1 What should I paint on this background? 2. Background 2 What should I paint on this background? 3. Background 3 What should I paint on this background? 4. Background 4 What should I paint on this background? 5. Background 5 What should I paint on this background? 6. Background 6 What should I paint on this background? 7. Background 7 What should I paint on this background?

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose which of 7 backgrounds you would like, and give me an idea of what to paint on said background. Choose as many or few backgrounds as you like. (each participant can only have their idea chosen for one of these backgrounds, but enter as many times as you want.) All you have to do is choose a background (by number), and email me with your idea ( Send me as many ideas as you want, but I will only pick one idea from each participant.

2. I will pick the best ideas for each background, and then actually paint them using your idea, and name them after your blog, or your tagline. You are free to use and distribute the images. It is yours.

3. When all the paintings are done, I will have a poll contest, people will vote for their favorite painting. I will send the actual painting (at my expense) to the owner of the winning painting. At my discretion I may send out all 7 paintings, but we’ll see.

4. Final date for submitting ideas is THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13.

5. The poll will go online to be voted THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20.

6. Poll will close THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, and the winner will be announced shorty after.

Email me if you have any questions, and have fun!!!

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